Past Projects

Source: NSW Ministry of Health (RFx118321)

Year: 2018-2019

Title: Aboriginal Allied Health Workforce Pathways Scoping Project

Role: Chief Investigator A; leadership of project, all aspects of design, data collection, analysis and reportage; governance, budget and convening Aboriginal Advisory Group

Team:  Dr Megan Williams, Dr Mark Ragg, Prof Nareen Young, Ms Danielle Montgomery, Mr Phil Naden

Source: Lowitja Institute (017-G-034)

Year: 2017-2019

Title: Ngadhuri-nya: Drawing on the NSW Child Development Study to understand effects of intergenerational incarceration

Role: Leadership of project; Dr Tzoumakis on parental leave for two thirds project.

Team: Dr Stacy Tzoumakis, Dr Megan Williams

Source: Legal Aid NSW

Year: 2018

Title: Evaluation of the Civil Law Service for Aboriginal Communities

Role: Chief Investigator A; leadership of project

Team: Dr Megan Williams, Dr Mark Ragg

Source: Australian Research Council (LP140100429)

Year: 2013-2018, extended to mid-2019

Title: Positive Life Pathways for Vulnerable Adolescents, with Ted Noffs Foundation

Role: Chief Investigator F; oversight of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander data analysis, student supervision, writing for publication, Chair of Aboriginal Advisory Committee.

Team: Dr Sally Nathan, Dr Patrick Rawstorne, Professor Andrew Hayen, Dr Joanne Bryant, Professor Eileen Baldry, Dr Megan Williams, Mr Mark Ferry, Dr Marian Shanahan

Dabee Wiradjuri Country

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  • Rapid Review: Reducing homelessness following transition from government services
  • Chief Investigator B; focus on prisons and Indigenous peoples, Sax Institute and NSW Family and Community Services 2016, with Dr Elizabeth Conroy. Available at Homeless-at-transition.pdf (
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Clinical Academic Group, Sydney Partnerships for Health, Education and Research Enterprise (SPHERE) 2016-2018, with core team Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver, Prof Elizabeth Sullivan, Dr Megan Williams, Ms Sally Fitzpatrick, Dr Rachelle Arkles
  • Australian Centre of Research Excellence in Offender Health, NHMRC 2013-2018, Associate Investigator A with Prof Tony Butler, Prof Andrew Lloyd, Assoc Prof Peter Schofield, Mr James Ward, Prof Phillip Mitchell, Dr Jill Guthrie, Prof John Kaldor, Assoc Prof Kimberlie Dean, Dr Georgina Chambers; AIs: Dr Megan Williams, Ms Jocelyn Jones, Mr Michael Doyle, UNSW
  • Summative Evaluation of the National Indigenous Critical Response Service, Thirilli Ltd
  • 2018-2020, with Human Capital Alliance (International) Pty. Ltd. with Mr Lee Ridoutt, Mr Justin Noel, Ms Carla Cowels, Ms Kate Kelleher, Dr Megan Williams, Ms Debbie Stanford, Ms Darlene Daley
  • Living Our Ways Community-driven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disability research program, NSW Government Family and Community Services 2015-2018, Team Investigator with Dr Scott Avery, Mr Damian Griffis, Prof Joanne Travaglia, Prof Melissa Haswell, Assoc Prof Leanne Dowse, First Peoples Disability Network and UNSW.
  • Returning Home, Back to Community from Custodial Care, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing 2014, with Prof Melissa Haswell, Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver, Assoc Prof Ilse Blignault, UNSW. Available at
  • Critical Friends Circle, Learning and Teaching Unit project, 2014, with Ms Sally Fitzpatrick, Assoc Prof Melissa Haswell & Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver, UNSW
  • Indigenous Entry Defence Programs Evaluation, Australian Defense Force, 2014-15, with Prof Lisa Jackson Pulver, Prof Melissa Haswell
  • Be the Best You Can Be Aboriginal health program, Healing Foundation, and Rio Tinto 2012-14, with Mibbinbah Aboriginal Men’s Health Promotion Charity, Bush Turkey Films and The Republic Production Consultants. More information at Mad Bastards movie
  • Connective services: Role of social support post-prison release in an urban Aboriginal population, NHMRC Capacity Building Grant 2011, Chief Investigator, grant from UNSW to UQ. Thesis available at Connective Services: Post-prison release support in an urban Aboriginal population – University of New South Wales (
  • Evaluation of the Lotus Glen Indigenous Peer Education Project, Queensland Corrective Services 2007, Chief Investigator, Indigenous Health Unit, UQ
  • Guidelines for Hepatitis C Education Targeting Young People, Queensland Health 2003, Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre, UQ
  • Hepatitis C Interventions for Young People at Risk of Detention: Action Research Project, Queensland Health 2003, with Ms Gai Lemon, Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre, UQ
  • The Box Project – Hepatitis C Health Promotion Research and Education, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing 2003, Hepatitis C Council of Queensland.
  • Evaluation of Logan Youth and Family Services Non-Injecting Routes of Administration Project, Queensland Health 2001, Queensland Alcohol and Drug Research and Education Centre, UQ
  • Initiates to Injecting Project, Queensland Health 1997-98, QuIVAA
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