Bangamalhana: A collaborative throughcare program for young Aboriginal women transitioning from prison to community

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Targeted Call for Research (APP1154002)


Role: Chief Investigator B

Team: Prof Elizabeth Sullivan, Assoc Prof Megan Williams, Assoc Prof Melissa Kang, Prof Juanita Sherwood, Prof Eileen Baldry, Dr Julia Bowman, Prof James Brown, Dr Sungwong Chan, Ms Faye Worner, Dr Sarah Wayland.

Banga-ma-la-nha artwork: Bila Dhalang-girr by Nathan Peckham, meaning ‘fresh river’ in Wiradjuri and representing rejuvenation of the river, a metaphorical representation for how our own lives are like rivers and at times need rejuvenation also. Fresh rain allows it to flow and move in the right direction, which leads to renewed growth and vitality on its banks.



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